Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blogger Steven Malcolm Anderson

Classical Values: "Steven Malcolm Anderson died suddenly of heart failure on Sunday, November 27, at a hospital in Bellevue, Washington. ... [E]ven though we never met, Steven was more than a friend to me. His comments were more than comments, and I considered him to be a sort of de facto co-blogger [at Classical Values]. ... I am putting the world, the blogosphere (and all appropriate deities) on notice that Steven's glorious spirit -- his 'style!' if I can borrow his favorite word -- will always be part of my blog. I'll do my best to keep him alive, and I'll never forget him. ... Few human beings are possessed of such joyous exuberance, such charm and wit, such knowledge of history, and such brilliant humor. Truly, the world is a worse place for his passing. Mine certainly is.

Bloggledygook: "One of the most astute, witty and intelligent denizens of the blogosphere, Steven Malcolm Anderson, known to many of us as SMA, has died suddenly of heart failure. ... SMA was one of those whose writing spoke of his intelligence and humor, not from self-aggrandizing, but from its pure lucidity and purpose."

Doc Rampage: "How is it that I feel so bad about a man I never met? Many authors, actors, and performers that I knew have died. What was different about Steven? I suppose it was that I didn't just read what he wrote, but responded to him, and he would sometimes respond to me. We interacted, even if only through the comments at Dean's World. We were aware of each other, not merely as a collection of written ideas, but as living souls."


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