Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Civil Rights Activist Coretta Scott King

Firedoglake: "Coretta Scott King passed away in her sleep last night at the age of 78. She was a tireless advocate of civil rights and nonviolent protest, and a testament to the notion that a single individual can help to move a mountain. Mrs. King had a grace and an outward serenity that masked a steel core and a deep faith in justice and individual libterties."

Grandmother Jessica Rachel McMaster

ScrappleFace: "Jessica Rachel McMaster ... is the grandmother of ScrappleFace.com editor Scott Ott, and served as a mother to him and three brothers since the late 1960s. Jessica McMaster gave up her career, surrendered much of her pension, and walked away from a comfortable lifestyle in a handsome apartment to move to an old house in the country and take care of four boys. Without her sacrifice, and that of her husband James McMaster, 84, these boys were candidates for foster care or an orphanage. Thanks to their love, these boys are now… an airline pilot, a university professor, a construction worker and a Christian children's camp director (who happens to write satire).