Sunday, February 26, 2006

Actor Darren McGavin

Brainwagon: "I loved 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker.' ... The thing that I found most remarkable about the show is just how unheroic Kolchak really was. He wasn't Clark Kent, secretly fighting crime with superpowers at night. He was just an average, middle-age reporter, whose only talent seemed the ability to irritate everyone he came into contact with. It was a great character, and a great set of performances by McGavin."

Garfield Ridge: "For my money, one of my favorite McGavin roles is in an excellent 1990 made-for-HBO movie, By Dawn's Early Light. The story of an accidental nuclear war between the United States and the crumbling Soviet Union, it featured McGavin as the secretary of Agriculture who becomes president after the attack. Suffice it to say, he's a little unhinged. Anyway, great little war movie."

Kybruno's Blog: "Darren McGavin is immortal for me as The Old Man from 'A Christmas Story.' Even then I wished they had gone ahead and made more movies with that cast. But this is great, and he was perfect as the winner of a Major Award that his evil wife later destroys."

Actor Don Knotts

Joe The Cab Driver: "Don Knotts is dead and I'm sad. ... He was Mr. Furley and Barney Fife. He was in the Apple Dumpling Gang with Tim Conway. I don't know why I'm so sad, though. I mean, I'm really, really ridiculously sad, on the verge of tears. I suppose I identified with his nervousness. I could always empahtize with his fumblings. Barney Fife always kept on bullet in his shirt pocket, the only one he was allowed to carry with him after he shot himself in the foot. That's my whole life, right there."

My Daily Rant: "I learned bullet-maintenance from Barney Fife while watching The Andy Griffith Show. The bullet-maintenance skit was one of my favorite episodes. To this day, if I happen to catch it in reruns, I laugh till my sides hurt. In the bullet-maintenance show Barney was inspecting an old-timer bank guard and discovered the bullets on his gun-belt were green and moldy. Suffice to say Barney gave him a dressing down. ... Barney then displayed his one, single bullet that Sheriff Andy allowed him to carry, proudly stating, 'That's bullet maintenance!' The bank guard gazed at the bullet in awe and said that Barney's bullet was legendary in Mayberry."

An Unclaimed Soul At Large: "Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife.....opposites who worked as a well oiled machine. They made us laugh and feel safe. How surprising it was to learn in later years that Andy was the hyperactive, over anxious one and Don Knotts was the cool, collected part of the team. ... I'll never forget Barney fumbling with his one bullet as he tried to load his gun. Probably my favorite Barney moment was when he administered a sobriety test to a clearly pickled Otis. Otis passed with flying colors; Barney flunked horribly!"