Monday, September 04, 2006

'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin

Ace of Spades HQ: "Steve Irwin brought the woman I loved untold hours of goofy, 'no worries mate' fun. Sure, a lot of it was unintentional comedy. ... But, it was still fun. It made her laugh. And I swear to you, even if I ever get to the point where I can't hear her voice anymore, I will always remember the sound of the demure, semi-embarrassed manner in which she used to blushingly crack up."

AmSpec Blog: "[W]hile his death is sad and tragic for his children, they will grow up with evidence of a father who balked at nothing and went where few if any other men were willing to go. To my mind that sort of one of a kind fearlessness is a much better example than a father who gave up what he loved because the world is a dangerous place."

Austin Bay Blog: "Irwin died over the weekend, died while filming at close quarters another dangerous species. The poisoned barb of a sting ray put a hole in his heart. ... A violent, unnecessary death. Irwin was idiosyncratic, personable, enthusiastic, informed, and physically courageous. That's a lot to admire. But what drove him to get too close one too many times?" "It's clear to me that Discovery Channel is responsible for Steve's death. ... Without Discovery Channel paying top dollar for this footage, there would be no market for these maniacs who put their lives at risk. Discovery is responsible for creating the 'naturalists have to risk their lives to be credible' genre, and they need to take a long hard look in the mirror and think about what they [have] done. They are responsible for Steve Irwin's death, and they are inspiring a second wave of risk takers who are undoubtedly going to meet Steve's fate."

The Moderate Voice: "This kind of death will be felt more than that of a 'normal' celebrity because Irwin offered young people a conservation message as well as entertainment value. Kids and young people became aware of wildlife and conservation concepts and facts through his demonstrations, performances, shows and his film. They will hear about this story ... and they'll feel a loss. ... You can count on one hand (barely) the number of people who truly and effectively can meld modern mass media and entertainment together and who also enjoy a mass international audience. So his loss for those who believe in spreading the word about wildlife and conservation to younger generations is a huge one, indeed."

RedState: "Even Irwin's death itself reinforced his life's mission, as with it he has taught us another invaluable lesson about the deadliness of animal life not properly, and precautionarily, respected -- as well as just how quickly the consequences of such action can be felt. While many expected a spectacular end to the man who gambled his life every day, the death of possibly the world's number one on-camera risk taker was fairly anticlimactic. ... In his own eccentric, risky, and larger-than-life way, Steve Irwin captured the imagination of, and touched, the world. He grabbed life by the horns and, day in and day out, lived it to the fullest."

ShopFloor: "It is ironic that he should leave this earth on the day when Americans celebrate Labor Day. Here was a guy who embodied the spirit of the day: He not only had a great work ethic, but he had boundless enthusiasm for the work he did. For those of us who push words or numbers or policy, it is hard to maintain the same adrenaline levels. But Steve Irwin was a guy whose boundless love for his job was quite truly infectious. No one who watched his show even a single time was ever in doubt about that. ... The world will be a quieter, far less interesting place without him."


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